Far North Plastics was created in 1988 by Mr and Mrs Ron & Heather Bernhardi who are still the owners. Through the years the factory has grown, and now is regarded as a family enterprise.The plastic industry has a number of different grades of plastic materials. F.N.P use exclusively polyethylene materials on site. The raw materials are extruded into plastic rolls, these rolls are converted into various plastic bags, printing on plastic also known as branding is another service offered by F.N.P.

F.N.P policies concerning stock and important dates, any purchase of standard or customised stock must be paid in advance. Waiting time on delivery for non-printed products is ten working days and branded bags are subject to twenty working days from payment. Once the Christmas orders have placed and paid for the waiting time may increase, stock is produced on bases of “first come first paid”!
F.N.P do have two deadlines with regards to the annual festive season, clients must have paid for their stock printed stock no later than the 15th October and non-printed stock no later than the last working day of October.

Any questions may be directed to John Harpestad, Sales Manager at farnorthorders@mweb.co.za or call on landline 015 293 0513.

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